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The Ghosts of the Historic Holly Hotel...

The Ghost in the Kitchen: In the restaurant at the end of the main hall, you can find the Hotel’s kitchen. Behind the original swinging doors, you will see many of the same utensils, pots, pans, dishes, fine china, tableware and glassware from the turn of the century. It is here that you can find one of the Holly Hotel’s most active ghosts. In our research, we found that this spirit may be one of two (or maybe both) girls who died young. Some have speculated that could be the spirit of a little girl who died here after being severely injured in the livery stable which was adjacent to the hotel. (Where the parking lot now exists). Or perhaps it is the ghost of a daughter of Nora Kane (Nora’s picture in the foyer has her in a black “mourning dress”). Whoever she is, she seems rather happy and playful, and has been described as being between 9 and 13 years old, with red hair. In our research, we were unable to uncover her name, but her habits are well-known.

Moving Objects: The playful little ghost seems to enjoy passing her eternity by toying with the many kitchen items placed within the room. In many accounts, the item she played with most often was the meat cleaver, although the teapots and hanging utensils were also targets. This is also the ghost or ghosts who are frequently heard running up and down the stairways. This young ghost is the only one that appeared during a seance in the early 1990’s·

Disembodied Voice: A soft giggling is the most common haunting of this type. This is often accompanied by moving objects (as above)

Other Ghosts: The aforementioned ghosts are generally the most active apparitions in the Holly Hotel, but there are a few others who also seem to reside within it’s walls. Here are a few I found in my research.

Leona, the Hirsts’ dog: Described as looking similar to a rat terrier, this dog can be heard running down the halls, brushing up against people’s legs. Phantom barking is often observed, especially by the early morning chefs.

Mysterious Indian: In February 1996 Mrs. Kutlenios arrived at the Holly Hotel early, getting ready for Thursday afternoon tea. As was her standard, she began to walk the dining rooms for a quick morning inspection. When she rounded the corner into the dining room, she was greeted by the image of a Native American Indian, who looked to be real as anything else in the room except that he had no feet. He hovered in view for a few moments before fading from view. No Indian has been reported before, and none since.

Other Haunting: This is where we present the goings-on and weird happenings that happen frequently at the Holly Hotel. They do not really seem to be tied to any one ghost, but more research into the activities may provide some answers. Every October we present some explanations with special guest speakers, a seance, and ghost stories relating the Historic Holly Hotel. If you are interested in attending this interesting presentation, call for reservations early. We limit the number of guests.

There is perhaps far more to the Holly Hotel than one might suspect. What makes for these strange things to happen? Over active imaginations? Spirits of the undead? A gimmick, perhaps put on by the folks of the Holly Hotel. Who knows for sure. But one thing is indeed for certain, the Holly Hotel remains an authentic “haunted house,” researched and confirmed by “experts” feel free to visit us on line at www.hollyhotel.com or email us at ghosts@hollyhotel.com
The Holly Hotel, consumed by fire, January 19, 1913
A photo capturing an “aberration”
on the staircase during renovation
A wagon cart leaving the livery stable behind the Hotel, where the “little girl” was injured. Ca 1904
Another Fire Photograph
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