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Give the Gift of a Holly Hotel Dining Club Membership!

  • A FREE "Dinner For Two" ($59 food credit)
  • 20% OFF Your Food Purchases FOR A YEAR
  • A Subscription to our Monthly Newsletter
  • Special VIP Invitations to "Members Only" Parties
  • Encoded Membership Card and Comedy Club Pass Card

Find out for yourself why the Holly Hotel Dining Club, now in it's thirtieth year, has become the most imitated restaurant program in Michigan! Your annual fee of $59.00 allows you AND ALL GUESTS DINING WITH YOU a 20% discount on all of your food purchases ON THE SAME DAY THAT YOU JOIN!

We'll process your membership application within 24 hours. You will receive notification (by regular mail or e-mail) that your cards and Club passes have been processed within two to three weeks. At that time, you can elect to have your kit mailed to you or you can pick-up your membership kit on your next visit.

Although you can use your 20% discount on the day you join, you cannot use the Comedy Club pass card or the $59 credit until you have the cards in your physical possession. Please do not place yourself or our staff in an uncomfortable positiion by asking for exceptions.

(You can also join-by-phone with any major credit card.)

CALL 248-634-5208 TODAY and JOIN THE CLUB! You can also FAX or EMAIL your completed application to 248-634-7977 or info@hollyhotel.com.

Download your application here.

Already a member? Renew your Membership here.

You will receive a 20% discount on your food purchases ON THE DAY YOU JOIN, but you cannot use CLUB passes or DINNER card until they are issued (2-3 weeks after joining.) By submitting this application, you understand and agree to abide by the rules set forth. A complete set of rules can be sent upon request. Mail this completed application to: The Holly Hotel, Dining Club Dept. 110 Battle Alley Holly, MI 48442 or FAX this page to the Holly Hotel, (248) 634-7977  

P: 248.634.5208 • F: 248.634.7977 • 110 Battle Alley • Holly, MI 48442 • info@hollyhotel.com

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